Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake

I'm a nutritious blend of gluten-free oats, seeds and coconut. I have the same nutritional value as a bowl of jumbo oats and seeds but I come ready for a quick and easy breakfast, making me perfect for breakfast on-the-go or for the cheeky breakfast skipper!


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Returns Guarantee: 31 Days

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Returns Guarantee: 31 Days

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Covered by our 31-day Happiness Guarantee
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Benefits of Nutribuddy Breakfast

Clean Formula
I'm made with naturally-grown ingredients which are free from nasty pesticides and artificial fertilisers. I think it's quite scary just how many chemicals can be found in so many foods and I am determined not to give you any. I'm made with pure, nutritious wholefoods and free from artificial vitamin blends!
I contain no stabilisers, emulsifiers, thickeners or preservatives which most products in my industry use. I may have the odd flake of coconut and leave an oaty residue in your shaker which is a sign that I am completely natural and safe!
Gluten-Free Oats
Did you know most oats are grown beside gluten and are easily contaminated? I contain the best oats which are frequently tested throughout the harvesting process to make sure they have no contamination and are classed as gluten-free!
100% Vegan Formula
I'm made with 100% vegan ingredients to have minimal impact on the environment.

Vegan Grab-And-Go Breakfast to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Super Quick to Make

By being a shake I am a quick and easy way to eat breakfast. For a healthy lifestyle, breakfast is so important. However, breakfast is probably the most skipped meal of all because people simply don't have time in the morning. I'm a simple & yummy solution; scoop me into your shaker, add milk or a milk substitute, shake and drink!

100% Natural & Healthy

It's true that 'natural doesn't always mean healthy'. But I steer well clear of unhealthy natural ingredients like laxatives. It can be really challenging to source ingredients that fit within my strict criteria but I'm passionate about being truly great!

Environmentally-friendly packaging

I come with a glass jar! Glass jars are stylish and best of all, reusable! My jar is shipped out in a bubble bag with extra padding to prevent breakages. Once you've run out of me, you can top up my jar with more Breakfast or use it to store pasta, seeds or just about anything! Finally, at the end of the glass jars life, it is recyclable.

Natural low-calorie Sweetener

For my flavoured varieties I use the natural sweetener, stevia. So many products use artificial sweeteners such as 'Aspartame' which I'm personally not a big fan of.

Balanced nutritional profile from whole foods

I have been been developed with nutritionalists to deliver the key things your body needs to thrive.

Click to view Nutritional Values & Ingredients

Full Nutritional Values and Ingredient List for Each Flavour Below.

Click a flavour below and scroll down to see my nutritional label.

Chocolate Flavour - Breakfast Shake (with Crunchy Flaxseed & Coconut Flakes)

Ingredients: Gluten-Free Oats, Ground Flaxseeds, Desiccated Coconut, Cocoa Powder, Chia Seeds, Natural Flavouring, Stevia

Typical Nutritional Values Per 30g Serving
Energy kj 525
Energy kcal 125
Fat (g) 3.4
of which saturates (g) 1.1
Carbohydrates (g) 17.0
of which sugars (g) 0.0
Fibre (g) 4.1
Protein (g) 4.1
Salt (g) Trace

Naked Flavour - Breakfast Shake (with Crunchy Flaxseed & Coconut Flakes)

Ingredients:Gluten-Free Oats, Ground Flaxseeds, Desiccated Coconut, Chia Seeds

Typical Nutritional Values Per 30g Serving
Energy kj 536
Energy kcal 128
Fat (g) 3.7
of which saturates (g) 1.0
Carbohydrates (g) 17.0
of which sugars (g) 0.0
Fibre (g) 4.3
Protein (g) 4.2
Salt (g) Trace

Strawberry Flavour - Breakfast Shake (with Crunchy Flaxseed & Coconut Flakes)

Ingredients: Gluten-Free Oats, Ground Flaxseeds, Desiccated Coconut, Chia Seeds, Natural Flavouring, Natural Colouring (Beetroot Powder), Stevia

Typical Nutritional Values Per 30g Serving
Energy kj 527
Energy kcal 126
Fat (g) 3.3
of which saturates (g) 0.9
Carbohydrates (g) 18.0
of which sugars (g) 0.0
Fibre (g) 4.1
Protein (g) 4.0
Salt (g) Trace

Strawberry Flavour - Breakfast Shake (Super Smooth Version with Matcha Green Tea)

Ingredients: Gluten-Free Oats, Chia Seeds, Natural Flavouring, Natural Colouring (Beetroot Powder), Stevia, Matcha Green Tea

Typical Nutritional Values Per 30g Serving
Energy kj 503
Energy kcal 119
Fat (g) 1.9
of which saturates (g) 0.4
Carbohydrates (g) 20.0
of which sugars (g) 0.0
Fibre (g) 3.6
Protein (g) 3.9
Salt (g) Trace

Vanilla Flavour - Breakfast Shake (with Crunchy Flaxseed & Coconut Flakes)

Ingredients: Gluten-Free Oats, Ground Flaxseeds, Desiccated Coconut, Chia Seeds, Natural Flavouring, Stevia

Typical Nutritional Values Per 30g Serving
Energy kj 527
Energy kcal 125
Fat (g) 3.3
of which saturates (g) 0.9
Carbohydrates (g) 18.0
of which sugars (g) 0.0
Fibre (g) 4.1
Protein (g) 4.0
Salt (g) Trace

Vanilla Flavour - Breakfast Shake (Super Smooth Version with Matcha Green Tea)

Ingredients: Gluten-Free Oats, Natural Flavouring, Chia Seeds, Stevia, Matcha Green Tea

Typical Nutritional Values Per 30g Serving
Energy kj 503
Energy kcal 119
Fat (g) 1.8
of which saturates (g) 0.4
Carbohydrates (g) 20.0
of which sugars (g) 0.0
Fibre (g) 3.6
Protein (g) 3.9
Salt (g) Trace
Nutribuddy Breakfast Nutritional Values

Healthy & sustainable ingredients

I am packed full of natural and healthy, natural wholefoods. My ingredients have been ground down to allow them to be mixed up into a quick and healthy shake for nutrition on the go.

Click to view Nutritional Values & Ingredients

Full Nutritional Values and Ingredient List for Each Flavour Below.

Click a flavour below and scroll down to see my nutritional label.

Chocolate Flavour - Breakfast Shake (with Crunchy Flaxseed & Coconut Flakes)

Ingredients: Gluten-Free Oats, Ground Flaxseeds, Desiccated Coconut, Cocoa Powder, Chia Seeds, Natural Flavouring, Stevia

Typical Nutritional Values Per 30g Serving
Energy kj 525
Energy kcal 125
Fat (g) 3.4
of which saturates (g) 1.1
Carbohydrates (g) 17.0
of which sugars (g) 0.0
Fibre (g) 4.1
Protein (g) 4.1
Salt (g) Trace

Naked Flavour - Breakfast Shake (with Crunchy Flaxseed & Coconut Flakes)

Ingredients:Gluten-Free Oats, Ground Flaxseeds, Desiccated Coconut, Chia Seeds

Typical Nutritional Values Per 30g Serving
Energy kj 536
Energy kcal 128
Fat (g) 3.7
of which saturates (g) 1.0
Carbohydrates (g) 17.0
of which sugars (g) 0.0
Fibre (g) 4.3
Protein (g) 4.2
Salt (g) Trace

Strawberry Flavour - Breakfast Shake (with Crunchy Flaxseed & Coconut Flakes)

Ingredients: Gluten-Free Oats, Ground Flaxseeds, Desiccated Coconut, Chia Seeds, Natural Flavouring, Natural Colouring (Beetroot Powder), Stevia

Typical Nutritional Values Per 30g Serving
Energy kj 527
Energy kcal 126
Fat (g) 3.3
of which saturates (g) 0.9
Carbohydrates (g) 18.0
of which sugars (g) 0.0
Fibre (g) 4.1
Protein (g) 4.0
Salt (g) Trace

Strawberry Flavour - Breakfast Shake (Super Smooth Version with Matcha Green Tea)

Ingredients: Gluten-Free Oats, Chia Seeds, Natural Flavouring, Natural Colouring (Beetroot Powder), Stevia, Matcha Green Tea

Typical Nutritional Values Per 30g Serving
Energy kj 503
Energy kcal 119
Fat (g) 1.9
of which saturates (g) 0.4
Carbohydrates (g) 20.0
of which sugars (g) 0.0
Fibre (g) 3.6
Protein (g) 3.9
Salt (g) Trace

Vanilla Flavour - Breakfast Shake (with Crunchy Flaxseed & Coconut Flakes)

Ingredients: Gluten-Free Oats, Ground Flaxseeds, Desiccated Coconut, Chia Seeds, Natural Flavouring, Stevia

Typical Nutritional Values Per 30g Serving
Energy kj 527
Energy kcal 125
Fat (g) 3.3
of which saturates (g) 0.9
Carbohydrates (g) 18.0
of which sugars (g) 0.0
Fibre (g) 4.1
Protein (g) 4.0
Salt (g) Trace

Vanilla Flavour - Breakfast Shake (Super Smooth Version with Matcha Green Tea)

Ingredients: Gluten-Free Oats, Natural Flavouring, Chia Seeds, Stevia, Matcha Green Tea

Typical Nutritional Values Per 30g Serving
Energy kj 503
Energy kcal 119
Fat (g) 1.8
of which saturates (g) 0.4
Carbohydrates (g) 20.0
of which sugars (g) 0.0
Fibre (g) 3.6
Protein (g) 3.9
Salt (g) Trace

Save time - mix your shake in seconds

Pop 3 scoops of me in your Nutribuddy shaker. Add 300-400ml of milk or a milk substitute (this could be almond milk, soya milk, coconut milk or another) and shake away. That's it!

You can mix with water but a type of milk or vegan milk will taste best. The more you shake, the smoother the results. Some customers like to mix in their blender and even add fruit or seeds to make a yummy, nutritious smoothie.

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Customer Reviews

389 reviews for Breakfast Shake

  1. Cherie M

    Best tasting shake I’ve tried! Really enjoy them and definitely keep me full till lunchtime.

  2. Brittany H

    I ordered the crunchy vanilla shake and parcel came very quickly and well packaged. Just had my first one and it was absolutely delicious. Tried many dairy free shakes before and they were all chalky & left a funny taste – however this one was perfect !! It is quite sweet but I have sweet tooth so was perfect for me. I used almond milk & added a frozen banana. Can’t wait to try more products!

  3. Kassie G

    Wow just tried my first breakfast shake. It’s tastes amazing and loves the bits! Going to order the sculpting protein next! 🙂

  4. Danielle M

    Really enjoying the chocolate breakfast shake great flavour and filling can’t wait to try the other flavours. The only thing I would say is I hope they starting doing a smooth chocolate flavour

  5. LIsa L

    Arrived yesterday. Couldn’t wait to try it this morning. Made the strawberry breakfast shake this morning with semi-skimmed milk and its delicious. I was a bit worried about the taste before ordering as I am the fussiest eater and don’t like the taste of most things but this is defo a good one

  6. Nichola H

    Just ordered my 3rd refill pack of the breakfast shake strawberry flavour. This is my favourite shake and I like to use it with coconut milk

  7. Toni H

    Strawberry breakfast shake tastes delicious, mixes well and easy to drink looking at buying more products

  8. Laura P

    Finally a healthy *vegan* shake that tastes amazing!
    I’m terrible at having a healthy breakfast and always end up skipping or just grabbing a bagel. This is a welcome change ?

  9. Rumour B

    I LOVE the Breakfast Shake, I’ve got strawberry this month and have ordered vanilla for the next. So easy to use with my Nutribuddy shaker and so tasty!!

  10. Michelle W

    I have received my Breakfast shake and it is delicious! Will be ordering more thank you for the prompt delivery as well

  11. Linda H

    Sounds really good

  12. Sophie B

    I have only been using the breakfast shake for 2 weeks and I’ve already lost 1kg!! Just placed another order and included the complete shake also so I can replace a few lunchtime meals. I’m super excited to see the outcome x

  13. Amy F

    Amazing product. I rarely eat breakfast and I suffer with IBS. This causes no bloating, or discomfort. Tastes great with milk or coconut milk. Very quick and easy.

  14. Amber G

    I ordered the smooth vanilla flavour and am absolutely loving it! It’s so tasty and really filling – fills me right up until lunch. I also love that I know it’s full of goodness for my body. I love it so much I am not also wanting to re-purchase but also try the replacement shake too.

  15. Rebecca M

    I ordered the smooth strawberry which is great – far more filling than other shakes I’ve tried and love that there are no nasties in it! Just ordering my second pack now! Much prefer the breakfast shake over the skinny protein one. Great on it’s own or blended with fruit as a smoothie (which definitely keeps you going till lunch if you throw a small banana in). Fab product!

  16. Lorna A

    Absolutely love this. I’m not one for breakfast really as I struggle to eat early morning. This is perfect! It keeps me full until lunchtime too, so no snacking! I have the smooth vanilla and quite like the taste. It’s not too sweet either. I have it with skimmed milk.

  17. Vickey B

    I ordered the vanilla flavour but found it too sweet from the Stevia, customer service brilliant and replaced it with unsweetened /natural and it is so much better. Tasted nice with almond milk. Very happy.

  18. Natalie H

    Brilliant shakes and reasonably priced! Keep you feeling full until lunchtime.

  19. Evita C

    I have been taking my breakfast shake now for 2 weeks I didn’t weigh my self on first one but on second week I lost 3.5 lbs so today I ordered summer body kit and gonna replace breakfast and lunch ? .. thank you Nutribuddy totally in love with my shakes and subscribed for next 12 month xx

  20. Ace C

    Love how easy this is for breakfast, I like to add in some raw cocoa to make it extra chocolatey!

  21. Jade L

    Can’t wait to start! So quick and easy and the subscription to this keeps me organised and motivated!
    Looking forward to my next month order as I selected different flavours to try 🙂

  22. Naomi M

    Love these shakes they are so satisfying. I love the Vanilla flavour, they really do fill you up and I’ve lost weight using this shake for breakfast! Definitely would recommend!

  23. Nicola M

    I am really impressed with this shake. I’ve got the smooth vanilla and it tastes really good! I can’t believe how well it satisfies me, I wasn’t hungry at all during the morning! I’ll definitely be ordering again, and will be giving the porridge a go too!

  24. Emily H

    I got my order yesterday and couldn’t wait to try it out today. I have to say I was NOT disappointed! I am not one for protein shakes so was a little worried it would have that same sort of taste. I am happy to report that it tasted nothing like that and it was really nice, I got the smooth vanilla. I used sweetened almond milk and the only thing I will say is that I think I will try it with unsweetened almond milk next time because it was a little bit sweet for me in the morning. I got the pink shaker and the glass jar and love all of the branding. The jar looks nice on the countertop and I will enjoy going to this every morning.

  25. Laura G

    I went for the chocolate flavour and wow its so nice i was suprized how good it tasted. it keeps me full until lunchtime and even my little boy likes it!

  26. Michelle M

    I blitzed my breakfast shake with frozen raspberries and ice this morning. It tasted SO good 🙂

  27. Gemma J

    Ordered the strawberry smooth shake. Its delicious first shake replacement i have tried where i finish it all and actually really enjoy it like a treat rather than a meal replacement. Bonus that it makes me feel full for a long time !! Have even ordered the complete shake for lunch. My only problem is that with coconut milk which is my preference of milk its really sweet and the only unsweetened one they offer is crunchy and i like smooth. If they made an unsweetened smooth one then it would tick all the boxes and more. Im still going to purchase but may try with less scoops and more milk as it can be quite sickly tasting afterwards. All in all though. Great shake and i still highly recommend.

  28. Louise M

    Just tried my first breakfast shake and loved it! I went for the smooth vanilla and mixed it with semi skimmed milk- delicious! It tasted just like porridge and I felt full and satisfied until lunchtime. So impressed I’m already considering trying other products! Can’t wait to see results!

  29. Aanisah S

    Haven’t tried it yet but seen and heard good reviews about this product and is highly recommend. Worth a try!

  30. Charlotte L

    My must have on the go essential now! I love the Vanilla breakfast shake! So quick and easy to make, perfect to have on the way to work for an early morning start. On a weekend I add the banana crunch to a smoothie to thicken it up and it tastes great! Great product for people on the go, who are health conscious and want good quality ingredients with no nasty chemicals.

  31. Emma W

    Absolutely love this. Was dubious at first, after trying other similar products. Taste is amazing on its own and mixed with fresh fruit. Will definitely be putting in further orders!

  32. Lewis H

    I’ve been using the Nutribuddy breakfast shake for 2 weeks now, and I am so pleased with the product. I am a breakfast skipper and ended up eating chocolate and biscuits throughout the morning. I chose the banana crunchy shake which tastes amazing and keeps me full all morning. Looking forward to trying the other flavours!

  33. Eliesha F

    Only been using this for 2 days so far. Looked at reviews and comments online – usually think ‘just a scam’ can’t loose weight. After having a child I have found it so hard to maintain a good healthy diet. This shake is 100% a good way to start your weight loss programme – you can have it on the go. The only thing I find it that it’s not very thick or smooth…maybe I need to blend instead of just shaking. However tastes good, feel good after and does keep you full until later morning so I decided to have a snack before my lunch @ 1pm. However so far so good just hope I can get to where I want to be but please don’t think you can have this and just loose weight you need to be on a diet also eating well – no cheats & exercising also.
    Recommended – will update once I’ve finished my 14days on what I’ve managed to loose

  34. Zoey S

    Really like the breakfast shake and is filling ! I like the oats and crunchy coconut flakes 🙂

  35. Ebony T

    Literally my life saver! I have it every morning for breakfast which fills me up and is so good whilst on the go with my 4 month old son, I’ve tried every flavour and banana is by far my fave! Love it , will use this forever ! Very happy !

  36. Collette H

    I have the vanilla with bits in and mix with unsweetened almond milk to keep the calories as low as possible. It’s really nice, took a few days to get use to taste and texture but it’s helping. I am on a calorie controlled diet but got stuck after 1 and a half stone loss ? this has helped me and I have lost a further 5lb over about 9 days… Still very careful about the rest of day but this fills me up from 8 til 12ish.

  37. Shauna

    First day using the vanilla smooth breakfast shake and it taste amazing, can you eat fruit with the shakes or only blend them in the shake?

  38. Pam N

    Been using my banana breakfast shake for a week and decided to order strawberry so I could change flavours each morning. Banana is lovely but have to say strawberry is gorgeous! Completely like a strawberry milkshake! I am a really fussy eater and expected not to like these so I’m really pleased I’ve found something healthy I like.

  39. Charles H

    Just been using the banana smooth and its delicious, hope it will be back up for purchase soon

  40. Pamela N

    Had my first banana breakfast shake this morning, kept me full up to early afternoon. Definitely quick and easy for busy mornings.

  41. Michelle A

    I’m absolutely loving the vanilla breakfast shake, tastes amazing

  42. Alice H

    Just had the banana one, tastes lovely and keeps me full!

  43. Tanya A

    I have tried the chocolate breakfast shake having already had the strawberry which I love! unfortunately it only comes in a crunchy version but I don’t mind it too much though it is quite bitty so hoping a smooth version will be available soon as I don’t have a blender. It is lovely though especially with coconut milk.

  44. Tanya A

    I ordered the banana and unfortunately its not to my taste. I think you can taste the green tea more and it didn’t seem to mix as well. Shame as I was really looking forward to trying this one!

    • customerservice8810

      Hi Tanya,

      I’m sorry to hear you didn’t get along with the banana flavour. Great to hear that you do like a different flavour though 🙂

  45. Donna G

    I don’t like milk or milkshakes but drinking with nutribuddy makes it a lot easier, I have soya milk & it tastes great. Been using since August 2018. Also helps with my ibs x

  46. Sarah K

    I very much enjoy the chocolate shake with coconut. I don’t find it to bitty like others may do – I guess if you like orange juice with bits the coconut parts in the shake wont bother you. Just repurchased the shake and will continue to do 🙂

  47. Bettina G

    I’ve tried the banana shake and I absolutely love it! This is the best shake I’ve ever tried and It really helps me curb my calorie intake. Also haven’t eaten any junk since I started because it keeps me full in the mornings!

  48. Alice H

    Just ordered my third breakfast shake!

  49. Cassie J

    I’ve been struggling to find a gluten free breakfast option which was easy to take to work and have at my desk so I’m happy I’ve found Nutribuddy’s breakfast shakes! The chocolate crunch is lovely and so filling! Nice texture, not chalky like some shakes are. Can’t wait to try some more flavours!

  50. Denise R

    Just made my first order today! Super excited to start……….. The first of many orders…………… Trying the banana for the first time so let’s see how it goes.

  51. Emma N

    More than a five star product. I’ve tried loads of shakes but these are by far the tastiest and you actually get a result. Signed up for 3 months worth of product and will deffo be buying more!

  52. Melissa S

    Just recieved my 2nd order and this time I went for the banana crunch…. Verdict… I love it.. The texture is good and the taste is yummy! Will definately be ordering again 🙂

  53. Tanya A

    So far I have tried the strawberry and banana and the strawberry mixes better for some reason. you can taste the green tea more in the banana and a little off putting for my taste but I’m going to try combining the flavours see how I get on!

  54. Emma N

    I have now reordered the chocolate breakfast shake multiple times and each time I wish I ordered the bigger supply pack! I have it daily as a quick grab and go breakfast and they’re delicious and keep me full until lunchtime. Will definitely keep using these!

  55. Ieuan W

    If you love banana,then you’ll love the banana flavour breakfast shake. Sweet, but not to sweet, and enough flavour for you to want more and more

  56. Grace G

    Today I mixed 1.5scoop strawberry and then 1.5scoop banana smooth, was really nice, so you can mix them together too for something different!!

  57. Melissa S

    Going to be purchasing again as this is a nice shake to have before lunch…going to rank it a 4 as I do feel I have to blend mine instead of just a shake! Overall healthy and yummy 🙂

  58. Alice H

    Ordered the crunch banana. Love the taste and keeps me full!

  59. Charlotte Y

    I was first sceptical on whether this shake would fill me up until lunch but was pleasantly surprised. I now have time for break before early morning lectures and don’t snack until lunch. Love this product and definitely gets me more excited about breakfast.

  60. Shelley J

    I love love love this breakfast shake keeps me full for so long sometimes till tea time I can’t recommend enough it’s so nice the taste too I will keep buying these products I love them

  61. Amy W

    Love these shakes! I have the smooth banana one, I put it in the blender with a banana too & it tastes amazing!

  62. Kelsie M

    By far the best breakfast shake I’ve had. Vanilla is my favourite with the flaxseeds and coconut! Everyone needs to try it

  63. Tanya A

    Tried a friends and it was lovely can’t wait to get my order this week!!

  64. Megan C

    I’ve just tried the chocolate one, I have to admit I do prefer the vanilla one. The chocolate is nice but does have a bit of a powder after taste, I did add a couple of drops of vanilla to help with the taste and it was great. Does help me not to snack throughout the morning

  65. Donna G

    I have been using Nutribuddy since September last year & I love it. I have ibs & it helps. I have just blended some strawberries, raspberries & blueberries & added it to my breakfast shake & it tastes great just for another day option for breakfast. Not sure if it helps the shake nutrition wise but I love it & it stops me eating rubbish ?

  66. Leona M

    Just ordered this and I can’t wait to try it!

  67. Ellie M

    My order arrived to and I can’t wait to start!!!

  68. Ebony T

    WOW! I had my son 5 weeks ago and I’m breast feeding, with this breakfast shake I feel full for longer and I’m back in my pre pregnancy size 10’s! Plus it tastes so natural .. I’ve just ordered my second lot! So worth it ? I feel amazing x

  69. Emma C

    I have just finished my first 14 days with the breakfast shake, very filling and tasty. Would recommend and will be buying again.

  70. Jessica S

    Just ordered and I’m really looking forward to seeing the results!

  71. Sarah R

    Love it

  72. Michelle P

    Can’t wait to start !!!

  73. Daisy M

    Love this so much! I never have time for breakfast so it’s perfect to grab on the go and fills me up stops me from snacking

  74. Ieuan W

    As an athlete that has been training for 5 years(6 days a week), I felt I needed to make changes to help me physically get to the next level. After using the crunchy vanilla for just 1 week, the benefits are massive; less fatigue, excitement about breakfast and losing 2lb in a week just by drinking this shake. Strongly recommend and will continue to use and promote on social media

  75. April A

    I have just finished my first packet of breakfast shake in smooth vanilla and it was amazing! I have now ordered the crunchy chocolate flavour so I’m excited to see if it will be as yummy as the vanilla! Definitely a happy customer?

  76. Hannah S

    Had my first shake this morning, tasted so nice and kept me full for a few hours!

  77. Katy R

    Ordered the cruncy vanilla 14 day day supply as a tester. I have to say, after reading reviews that the product had bits in and wasn’t smooth (even after blending in nutribullet) I was prepared for the texture and it’s not unpleasant. I put 2 scoops of the nutrient booster in my first one and that made it taste very strongly of flaxseeds, so now I only add one scoop and it’s much better. I have to say, I drink it when I get to work at 9am and it does fill me up until about 12:30 when I tend to eat my lunch which I wasn’t expecting. It tastes nice and I will be trying a different flavour next time I think. The glass jar also looks nice on my worktops!

  78. Ciara S

    Received my Smooth Strawberry breakfast shake this morning, and LOVE the flavour, it tastes like a strawberry milkshake with a slight oaty after taste. I’m so excited to add Nutribuddy to my fitness journey, and am excited to see the results!

  79. Lauren H

    Got the breakfast shake with the nutrient booster and hot slim delivered today and I’m so excited to start having these for breakfast! The banana and matcha tea flavour smells yum!

  80. Justine L

    Amazing product that I wouldn’t be without. I’ve been having the breakfast shake for a few weeks now and not only is the taste delicious it keeps me feeling fuller for longer and curbs those cravings! I’ve now subscribed to the meal replacement plan to try the other products so I can’t wait to receive them!

  81. Kate P

    Been having these for a week now and I love them, they are really filling and fit into my morning routine easily, I don’t eat cereals and not a fan of porridge every morning so this is perfect. I ordered the vanilla smooth which is lovely. Will definitely continue to use this product.

  82. Tammy H

    I’ve just had my fisrt nutribuddy breakfast and i was really surprised. I loved it!
    I had chocolate flavour and I really enjoyed the taste, it was a bit oaty and I liked that.
    Can’t wait to see the results xx

  83. April A

    I had my first breakfast shake this morning and wow it is so yummy and smooth. I wasn’t hungry for a few hours after and I didn’t feel the need to snack. Love it!

  84. Hanna C

    Really enjoying the Nutribuddy, I blend my soy milk with a banana and then mix that with the vanilla crunchy. Really nice and keeps me full. Sets me out for the day

  85. April A

    I have just got my smooth vanilla flavoured breakfast shake in the post today. I only ordered it yesterday! I made it with unsweetened soya milk ready to take to work with me in the morning… I gave it a little try before putting it in the fridge and OMG it is sooo yummy!! It’s nice and sweet and the vanilla flavour is perfect with the oats. Fingers crossed it will keep me full for a few hours tomorrow. I expect I will be buying lots more in the future!

  86. Chloe B

    I love the breakfast shake I ordered the strawberry flavour in 14 days to try it and I highly recommend

  87. Sophie T

    I love the breakfast shake! I ordered the 14 days to see how I got on with it and just loved it! I have now ordered the 28 day supply and the hot slim. Can’t wait for them to arrive.

  88. Lauren M

    Very excited to try this product!

  89. Sara R

    I ordered the choc flavour, mainly for my breaki when I drive to work at 3am then don’t get another break till 11ish. This keeps me going, you can taste the oats but it’s not a bad taste just thickens it up. I can’t have gluten which gives this 5* as gluten free oats.. once I’ve had it doesn’t make me feel bloated and urgh like normal oats do! Nice and chocolatey too so you get that sweet kick from it.

  90. Christina W

    Absolutely love the breakfast shake it blends so well and has been great for mornings when your a busy bee or just wanting a nutritious healthy breakfast. Would recommend this ?? – the protein shakes I’ve tried vanilla and chocolate, there’s just something about the taste of them that I’m not sure on. I usually use Optimum Nutrition Gold standard whey (the hubby uses this one so I did) and the blend of ON and the taste is amazing I just wish Nutribuddys were the same. But make sure you still try the shakes yourself as everyone’s tastes are different- if anyone has any tips please share. The Hotslim is lovely and a nice treat before bed. Overall happy and the customer service is fantastic

  91. Jessica Lake

    Amazing!! Bought the 28 day supply, and already bought the next 3 months too

  92. Jessie C

    Good customer service. Looking forward to using this as I regularly miss breakfast! Finally a product for mums on the move!

  93. Michelle

    I have been using the strawberry breakfast shake for 3 days now and have already lost 4lbs, I am well pleased with this! Had only bought the 14 day supply but will defo be ordering more and might even try the hot slim next time aswell!!
    Hopefully the weight loss continues x

  94. Jorgi B

    I have been having the breakfast shakes for about 5 months now! – love them! The chocolate flavour is so tasty, they are quick and easy and healthy. Would highly recommend- genuine user of the product!! X

  95. Keren A

    Love, love, love this! I was regularly skipping breakfast, making me feel lethargic & sometimes nauseous. Now, it doesn’t matter how much of a hurry I’m in, I always have time to put my shake together & drink it as I go. It leaves me feeling full & energised right up until lunchtime. If I’m in the house for breakfast, I eat the porridge which is quick & easy to make too & quite nice. Filling also. I highly recommend this product!

  96. Jade-Natalie S

    Lovely stuff! Nice consistency. Sometimes have it in my breakfast yoghurt instead of a shake to mix it up a bit. Tastes lovely.

  97. RIa M

    Love these shakes i have one every morning. With my line of work i was skipping breakfast but with nutribuddy i prepare this the night before ready for the day ahead. Iv found making them the night before it makes the shake not feeling so gritty plus i also blend it in my nutribullet for a smoother result ???

  98. Shelley J

    I bought this shake couple weeks back and I must say I am so impressed it tastes lovely and keeps me going all day I have this in the morning and a banana at work and don’t eat again till 5pm at night teatime it keeps me full all day I love it ? I purchased the vanilla smooth and have just ordered strawberry and banana smoothie. Flavour I can’t wait to try more flavours best product I’ve tried the oats in seem to keep me full all day ? fab buy and good price

  99. Zoe A

    If there was a 10 star rating I would rate it 10 there all so nice, but I’ve recently had the strawberry and its amazing this has made me feel so much better. I’ve lost weight as well which is amazing thank you definitely recommend x

  100. Grace G

    I ordered the banana smooth as wanted something refreshing for the mornings and it is just that! Has a lovely oaty taste but isn’t over powering. I find using 300ml lactose free milk is just right for me.

  101. Sophie C

    The vanilla one is my favorite. I add a portion of frozen fruit to my shakes every morning to vary the taste of my shakes. I’ve been having these shakes since July and I’ve definetly noticed a difference in my energy levels, I’m not as bloated as I was and it’s great for when I do a gym sesh in the morning! Thank you Nutribuddy!

  102. Zoe A

    I’ve tried the banana breakfast one and the vanilla breakfast one they both taste amazing and make me feel great defiantly recommend

  103. Holly

    Taste great

  104. Lizzy T

    Saw this off of Instagram, just ordered the strawberry crunchy breakfast shake and cannot wait to try it! such good prices too!

  105. Donna G

    Absolutely love these, I have ibs so feel less bloated definitely helping, I didn’t take these with me on holiday & noticed a massive difference in how I felt, sluggish, tired & really bloated. Couldn’t wait to get home & have them. Highly recommend & just about to order some more of the breakfast shake had two orders already, so glad I found you Nutribuddy x

  106. Rachael W

    I have been having protein meal replacement shakes for ages from another company which were not so good but then I tried this. I was amazed with how good it tastes. I currently have the vanilla breakfast. Now I look forward to breakfast. Can’t wait to try your other products.

  107. Stephanie B

    Really love the breakfast shakes so far I have tried strawberry and banana and both are tasty shakes and fill you up too. The shakes have really benefited my weight loss and fitness regime. Can’t wait to try some of the other products.

  108. Rebecca M

    Sounds good looking forward to trying it out xxx

  109. Natalie H

    I ordered the vanilla breakfast shake in an attempt to be a bit healthier when it comes to the first meal of the day. I was really surprised at how tasty it was! It also keeps me full until lunch which is great! I did order the nutrient booster too but really didn’t like the texture this gave to the shake, even with blending. Have since ordered the strawberry super smooth and am very excited to try it

  110. Delta howell


  111. Donna G

    I have the breakfast one with coconut & flax seeds, delicious so thought I would try the protein shake took a little to get used to, but kept going, now have the banana & coconut breakfast one too I hate bananas with a passion, but have to say I love this flavour, really nice. Love them all & feel great x

  112. Victoria G

    Tried the smooth strawberry shake this time. Absolutely delicious. I really like the vanilla but I think this may be my favourite. Would like to try smooth chocolate.

  113. Anouska Pearl

    Breakfast bundle arrived yesterday- love the products but the breakfast shake doesn’t suit me with milk- not a fan of cold milk in drinks!. Tried it today with water and 4 teaspoons of yoghurt and some frozen summer fruits and its loads nicer for me!, like a fruity smoothie (but a bit more liquidy!). Just a tip for non-milk lovers!

    Yet to try the porridge and hot slim but looking forward to ! 🙂

  114. Sarah Lucas

    Just ordered my second Chocolate Breakfast Shake. I have mine with Almond Milk and it tastes great. The fact it’s gluten free is brilliant. Definitely recommend!

  115. V Gilmore

    I bought this as I often struggle eating first thing. I wasn’t sure on the first day but it’s really grown on me. Really like the taste of the Vanilla, but am going to try a different one on my next order.
    I didn’t buy for weight loss, however with watching my food I have lost weight and it certainly keeps me full until lunch with just a banana in between.

  116. Alexandra M P

    Just tasted the chocolate flavour and its amazing. Really tasty ! Definitely gonna order more ?

  117. Tara S

    Fantastic product would 100% recommend to anyone interested

  118. Lauren B

    Amazing prices amazing products I’m in the love with the variety and will continue to be a loyal customer. Feeling great ?

  119. Hayley E

    I was expecting this to taste bland and probably not fill me up but it’s the opposite! It tastes lovely and keeps me going until lunch!

  120. Brooke H

    Really filling! So quick and easy and so tasty! I got the smooth banana one and it’s amazing!!

  121. Michelle O

    I love this breakfast shake! After reading the reviews on here I ordered the chocolate one and I have not been disappointed. It tastes delicious! I’ve been having the shake mixed but with milk or almond milk and it is lovely both ways. I will definately be reordering!

  122. Sally

    Love the vanilla breakfast shake, I make it with water and it tastes great. I’ve just bought the Chocolate one to try!

  123. Nicola E

    Ordered the Vanilla shake with the nutrient booster. Had my first one today and can honestly say how nice it is. I am not a lover of milk so I bought Almond Milk. I haven’t felt the need to snack apart from a satsuma. I will defintely be setting up the repeat subscription.

    Nicola E

  124. Laurie May

    I have been taking my breakfast shake for two days now, its very filling and tastes nice. Delivery was quick, will be ordering more soon.

  125. Vanessa

    I’ve tried my first breakfast shake this morning, it’s quick and tasty. I went for the vanilla and matcha green tea. It has a nice breakfast taste to it, not overpowering for the first taste of the day.

  126. laceyuwood18

    Love the vanilla smooth breakfast shake , gives me so much energy as well as fills me up ! Definitely recommend can’t wait to try more flavours

  127. Kirsty Collis

    Just ordered the chocolate breakfast shake… can’t wait to try it now. Plus it’s vegan too!!

  128. Natalie Hastie

    Lovely taste. Keeps you full until lunchtime! Have ordered more!

  129. Donna

    Love the breakfast shake taste, simple & fast to make .

  130. Marie

    Love the taste, simple to make, can’t wait to see my results x

  131. Carley Tatum

    Tastes just how I expected,even ordered more because it was so tasty and fast

  132. Megan Clarke

    Just finished my 14 day supply and loved it! Loved the texture and flavour! I tried the smooth vanilla one which filled me up until lunch I didn’t feel the need to snack at all! I normally don’t bother with breakfast as I don’t have time so this is a great product for me and it tastes good. I preferred the texture and flavour when I made it the night before (with semi skimmed milk) which also meant I didn’t need to get up any earlier than normal! Bonus! Highly recommend

  133. becky_trucks01

    Super quick delivery very impressed! Ordered the breakfast bundle.. tried the shake this morning with fruit and tasted delicious. Will definitely order more flavours. ?

  134. shelbylou1986

    Had mine delivered yesterday, second day on it. Am a breakfast skipper normally and not the greatest milk lover so wanted to see if these would work? so far so good. the first day I had it with normal milk and it was ok. 2nd day I tried it with almond milk and have to say its lovely with it, much creamier. I have the strawberry smooth flavour. hoping to stick to it and get into a routine. Thanks guys

  135. arabellalouisejames

    Got the smooth vanilla and its surprisingly nice and not too sweet. I put mine in a blender with half almond milk & half water and it’s perfect!

  136. nicola_mallaber

    I never write reviews but I’m so impressed I have had to write one!

    I ordered the chocolate breakfast shake and tried it for the first time yesterday with regular semi-skimmed milk. I hate milk and to me I could still taste the milk and it made me feel sick so in all honesty I didn’t particularly like it.

    HOWEVER I have just mixed it with almond milk and omg it tastes like a forrero rocher! Honestly you have not lived if you’ve not tried it with almond milk! I’m so glad I gave it a second chance. It keeps me full too and I already feel less bloated! X

  137. Claire Daniel

    I initially ordered a 14 day supply of the chocolate crunch breakfast shake and love it so much, I’ve signed up to a further 12 orders! I am vegan, gluten free and soy free so this stuff is a god send for me. It’s probably the nicest tasting breakfast shake out there and it does fill me up for about 3 hours. I used to use the vegan Slim-fast but this is slightly cheaper, tastes nicer and is full of goodness. I put mine in my nutri-bullet so it’s a bit smoother but it’s also fine if you just use a shaker. I love that when you sign up for recurring orders, you can change the flavours for each order. Think I’m definitely going to be a life-long customer.

  138. Louise Evans

    I have all the Hotslim which I find gorgeous, I love the breakfast shakes I’m just trying to find the right mixture for my protein shakes I am very happy with it over all as I have lost a fair bit of weight already
    Thanks guys

  139. E

    I bought hotslim and sculpting protein, neither of which I overly enjoyed, however I LOVE the breakfast shake. Originally bought the strawberry flavour which is great and I have now purchased the other flavours as well. It tastes good and isn’t chalky at all. I was surprised that this actually filled me up until lunch time. Highly recommend.

    • Nutribuddy Support

      Hi E,

      Thanks for your feedback. It makes us all really happy to hear that you’re loving Nutribuddy Breakfast!

      I’m going to send you a free packet of our new and improved Hotslim Chocolate, which I think you’ll love.

      The Sculpting Protein is a little more chalky due to the natural texture of the rice protein – I will pass your feedback on to our product development team.

      Best wishes

      Nutribuddy Support

  140. Alana Main

    I love these shakes! They are so convenient in the morning and really tasty as well. I was sceptical at the start that these would not fill me up until lunch, but they definitely do. Really impressed!

  141. Elie

    Vanilla shake

    Having had the strawberry before I was worried this would be a let down however its delicious and also a bit thicker in texture. Very happy 2lb down in 2 weeks

  142. Nessa H

    Read some great reviews so I’m excited to try the crunchy chocolate flavour!

  143. Claire L

    So far I’ve tried the chocolate breakfast shake which I loved and I’ve just started the smooth Strawberry shake which I also LOVE! I’ve noticed my snacking on between meals has drastically decreased since starting these shakes! 🙂

  144. Georgie

    I’m a guilty breakfast skipper and since trying this I have so much more energy during the day!

  145. Gokcen K

    Love this product. I buy the chocolate with bits and it just feels like my guilty pleasure. It should super healthy and keeps me full for long. I’ve made 4 orders so far and I’m always upset when it finishes!

  146. Amy Devlin

    Just received my first order. Very excited to try the breakfast shake!!

  147. Yvonne Bruce

    Just ordered after seeing so many amazing reviews can’t wait to try!!

  148. Lauren P

    Loving the breakfast shake. Amazing flavour and so easy to make.

  149. Elie F

    Two days in so far love it. Taste could be stronger, but its pleasant enough. Definitely curbed my hunger. I usually snack before lunch, but now I don’t touch any thing in between breakfast and lunch.

  150. Claire A

    I’m currently using the Chocolate Crunchy and I LOVE it!! I have mine with almond milk or coconut milk. I really enjoy mine, and I do feel the benefit from having a shake every morning. I’ve already lost 7lbs, and I’ve only been using it for 11 days 🙂

  151. Sian T

    The “breakfast “ is my favourite!! I like mine quite sweet so use less milk. I’ve tried a few different milks but found standard milk is fine for me. Quick and easy and best of all Tasty! I can taste the oats and I quite like the “bits” texture and as I have it sweeter it still tastes kind of creamy. Would recommend this ?

  152. Laura

    Really yummy busy in the morning rush getting kids to school so easy to make tastes yum and gives me energy for work

  153. Leah H

    Love the breakfast shake. Perfect start to a morning! Looking forward to the the other flavours!

  154. V Hughes

    Loved the banana breakfast shake so much that I’ve just ordered the summer body bundle after 3 days. Finally found sugar free shakes! Great product and good discounts! 🙂

  155. Alice Lade

    I love the morning shake! So easy to make and so convenient when needing to leave the house in a rush. I never normally have breakfast in the morning as I’m not hungry very early on. However these are really yummy and I can drink over a period of time. I feel a lot more energised after starting this shake, and can see a difference in my physical appearance as well.

  156. Kayleigh Gould

    I have been using the smooth vanilla breakfast shake for 3 days now and it really fills me up.
    I am a mum of a 2 year old and a 5 month old so this really works for me as I don’t get time to eat breakfast. I prepare it the night before so I just grab it on a morning and drink it on the go. Prefect! ?

  157. Catherine A

    I’m now on my third order of Nutribuddy breakfast. I love it and am excited to try the chocolate flavour mixed with low fat Greek yoghurt . I love it fills me up a good few hours and really enjoy eating this each morning . Also ordered HotSlim which I’m super excited to get started on also xxxx

  158. Sara N

    Ordered the smooth strawberry and it’s lovely with the oats in it. Defo the best shakes I’ve tasted! Will recommend and use other products

  159. Caitlin Barton

    I’ve been using this shake now for 3 days and just over this short period of time I am less bloated and not snacking in the morning. It tastes amazing with almond milk as well! Very happy customer

  160. Maria Salles

    Ordered super smooth strawberry with matcha green tea and it definitely fills me up. I could not go more than 2 hours after breakfast without getting hungry but now I no longer need to have a morning snack. Hoping to see results in the next couple of weeks!!

  161. Amy W

    I have been using this for 2 weeks now and I have noticed less bloating and more energy. I am a mum to a 3 year old so I don’t get to eat breakfast often so this is perfect for me! I will definitely be ordering again and recommending to all my mum friends who are also breakfast skippers!!

  162. Alice

    Love it! It tastes great with almond milk!

  163. Amy R

    Very tasty.. mixes up really well. Isn’t to sweet like any of the other shakes. Will be buying again for sure.

  164. Rebecca Winterburn

    Ordered the meal replacement bundle and it tastes amazing. I was suprised how nice the flavour is with all natural ingredients! Would definitely recommend this shake.

  165. April H

    First time I’ve used the breakfast shake and it is the best! I’m a uni student and And always up early so this is perfect! Will 100% recommend!

  166. Rebecca Ricketts

    I never used to eat breakfast, I just didn’t have the time. The shakes have changed that. So easy to drink on the way to work & the school run.

  167. Lillie Mewett

    I am highly in love with this product. I am amazed how this quick & easy breakfast shake can be so filling, delicious and healthy – all in one! iI’s amazing, and I would definitely recommend! will definitely be ordering more once I’ve run out. Amazing ?

  168. Shelby Molyneux

    Just ordered the vanilla crunchy and I’m counting down already so looking forward to losing some weight after having my little boy the reviews and results on it are amazing!!

  169. Alice C

    I have been using this product for a few weeks now and I can say that it is the best put there. Tastes great and so filling. Also I’ve lost 4lbs in a week! Highly recommended

  170. Chelsea Wells

    I received my Nutribuddy this morning .. I got the Vanilla flavour and its just so easy to make and just drink as you go along. Very nice taste as well 🙂

  171. Bethan Pyburn

    I bought the vanilla and coconut breakfast shake. It’s delicious and keeps me going until lunch time. Want to try other products

  172. Amy W

    Really loving it so far. Great results in just a week. (4 pounds down)

  173. Jasmine H

    I’ve been using the Nutribuddy chocolate breakfast for a week now and I’m loving it! I make it with about 320ml of unsweetened almond milk and drink it whilst I’m getting my girls ready for nursery. I love how quick and easy it is to make and drink on busy mornings. Added bonus that it’s vegan!

  174. Grace F

    Tried this before, tastes fab so I ordered myself some

  175. Claire D

    Ordered the Vanilla Crunchy and started last week. Tastes amazing and I love the crunchiness of it. Lost 3.7lb in my first week so over the moon 🙂

  176. Rachel Marsden

    Love the crunchy vanilla! Reminds me of the milk left in your bowl after muesli ? So tasty!

  177. Alice C

    I’ve recently ordered this shake in the chocolate flavour. It’s delicious and so filling. The taste is so natural. I would highly recommend.

  178. Amy Bond

    Loving the strawberry breakfast shake. Definitely keeps me full till lunchtime

  179. Lucinda M

    Love this stuff!! I go to gym early in the morning and go to work right after and this allows me to have breakfast on the go but unlike most shakes it’s not filled with rubbish so you feel good and full after having it. It also tastes great! 😀

  180. Amber-Louise C

    Love this! Work in an office so it’s easy to snack all day but this keeps me full until lunch, and has stopped my snacking!

  181. Lisa Kelly

    Lovely product. Keeps me filled up through the morning.

  182. Claire W

    I’ve been using my shake for almost a week now and loving it. With not long having had a little boy it’s the ideal quick breakfast and fills me for ages!

  183. Torie Griffiths

    Love the new strawberry flavour by far the best shakes I have tried

  184. Emma Pollard

    Wakes me up in the morning and keeps me fuller for longer, I don’t snack as often as I used to. Love love love!

  185. Nikki

    I tried the chocolate flavour this morning and it was so tasty! I’m not a breakfast skipper and so was surprised how full I felt until lunchtime. I’ll definitely be recommending this to friends ?

  186. Beth

    I’ve been using the smooth strawberry shake for over a month now, about 4-5 days a week. It really does curb sweet cravings and I’m less bloated. I have mine with fat free Greek yogurt and coconut milk?

  187. Laura H

    Tried my sisters vanilla smooth breakfast shake this morning! Loved it so much I’ve just ordered my first lot! Can’t wait till it comes!

  188. Lindsey T

    Ordered the vanilla breakfast, love the taste and keeps me full until lunch. Would recommend to anyone

  189. Kelly Sheppard

    First impressions very good!

  190. Torie Griffiths

    Absolutely love the new strawberry flavour, definitely by far my favourite! ❤️

  191. Bex

    I started using this on Monday and I love it. I have the strawberry and the vanilla and mix them with either strawberry or chocolate soy milk. I normally struggle to eat breakfast but this is so quick and easy to make and now I look forward to having breakfast.

  192. Grace Hooper

    Recently started using the Vanilla breakfast shake. I love it fills me up until lunch time and so quick and easy.

  193. Rachael

    I order the vanilla breakfast shake & having been having it every morning before heading to the gym or work & I love it. I haven’t tried it with fruit yet but I’m planning to this weekend when I have more time on my hands. Absolutely gutted couldn’t get the jar when I placed my order as it was out of stock but hopefully by time I order next month it will be back in. Highly recommend

  194. Clare

    My first week on this breakfast shake and I love it I picked the strawberry , will definitely be continuing to use as my breakfast choice

  195. Rebecca

    Had my first chocolate shake today, tasted good and was filling!

  196. Gem

    I ordered the Strawberry breakfast shake and have been having it every morning. Comes in a great handy jar, tastes great and is nice with some added fruit.
    Would definitely recommend.

  197. Holly Mcdonnell

    This Breakfast shake is sooooo delicious. I actually look forward to having it every morning. I got the Vanilla flavour and can’t wait to try chocolate next. Amazing products!!

  198. Cindy

    Ordered this product after reading reviews on Facebook. It arrived very quickly and I am on day 2, not feeling hungry, a tasty breakfast shake. I am using the smooth vanilla shake

  199. Chloe Chapman

    Just got this and absolutely love it!! So filling

  200. Kian Anderson53

    Chocolate brownie is so tasty. I’ve only been on it 1 day, but I didn’t get any mid day craving’s like I usually here goes to another day on this scrummy shake?

  201. Tegan Murray

    Absolutely love with vanilla breakfast shake! Struggle to find time with a newborn so now I finally get a quick nutritious breakfast! Can’t wait to try the chocolate one next!

  202. Ruby Clare

    Crunchy vanilla flavour is lush, would recommend x

  203. Samantha Chelsea

    I’m on my third morning of my breakfast shake 1st 2 days I had it with almond milk which I really struggled to get down. Today I’ve tried chocolate soy milk and it is delicious !! I have a 10 week old baby so have a lot of fat to shift but I honestly can feel the benefits already ! Also it keeps me going until lunch time !

  204. Tasha Bevan

    I’m 27 weeks pregnant and love this as I struggle to eat breakfast. Prefer the smooth vanilla

  205. Suzie V

    This tastes amazing , I feel less bloated and lighter just after a couple of days !!

  206. Sophie Wiseman

    Can’t wait to try!

  207. Christina C

    Bought the vanilla flavour after enjoying the chocolate flavour. Was just as nice! Keeps me full until lunchtime!

  208. Rachael Pierpoint

    Ordered the smooth vanilla….. love it. Delicious with warm soya milk, easy to make.
    Love the glass jar!! Thanks

  209. Daniella Browne

    I never have time for breakfast but have been having the breakfast shakes for about a month now and I love them. They keep me full and give me more energy during the day.

  210. Jen

    Just ordered and can’t wait to see some results from this! After reading all the reviews it sounds fab! Xx

  211. Laura

    I love this breakfast shake, I have a sweet tooth and the chocolate flavour sorts that out for me and it’s also filling, I also have the sculpting mix. This will be my 3rd order.

  212. J Phillips

    I’m absolutely loving the vanilla breakfast shakes! I found that mixing it with 300ml soya milk and 100ml cold water is perfect for me. I’ve also purchased some chocolate soya milk so can’t wait to try that with the vanilla shake.

    Will definitely be ordering again and I’m trying to convince my sister to try them.

    Keep up the good work!

  213. Lauren H

    I tried the strawberry and kept me full until lunch! Great to have on the go before work and tasted amazing

  214. Sophie P

    Amazing product and I have been recommending it. I have never made time to sit down and eat breakfast before going to work even though I know how important breakfast is, since ordering this and having it every morning it fills me up till lunch and gives me plenty of energy- also tastes delicious. I have subscribed to have this delivered every month for the next three months.

  215. Samantha Muir

    I absolutely love Nutribuddy breakfast. I always skipped breakfast as I never had time for it or I just didn’t fancy anything. This is a game changer for me! It’s so quick to make & tastes amazing & fills me up until lunchtime!! Highly recommend to anyone thinking about trying it!! You won’t regret it!!

  216. Jess

    So glad I purchased the breakfast shake. Keeps me full right up until lunch. I’m just about to order my second delivery 🙂
    I got smooth strawberry and I’ve been having it with almond milk. Can’t wait to do my first weigh in 🙂

  217. Christina C

    Tried the chocolate shake for the first time this morning! Its so nice and makes you feel really full. Will defo be buying some more!

  218. Stephanie Reeves

    The strawberry shake tastes amazing. I used coconut alpro. I enjoy that it’s not totally smooth. Looking forward to ordering more

  219. Hayley Noble

    I have been stuck in a rut with the last bit of my weight that I need to loose for a while now so thought I give hot slim ago and it has given me a boost to lose some lbs I have decided to give the breakfast shake a try so can’t wait to try it now

  220. MP

    Having two children close together played havoc with my weight and I also developed some bad eating habits. This year I am finally getting a little time to myself which has enabled me to kickstart a healthier way of living. The shakes are such a big help: firstly they are absolutely delicious and secondly they’re great in conjunction with my bi-weekly workouts as I am already seeing results on the scales.

  221. Laura

    Got this come through today, excited to try it

  222. Louise Matthews

    Have never tried any shakes before, this is my 1st & have to say it tastes amazing & really does fill you up. I will definitely be ordering chocolate & strawberry to go with the vanilla.

  223. Christina C

    Just ordered and excited to try! The reviews look great.. will update when I’ve tried!!

  224. T Hernandez

    Best way to describe this is like a very very milky porridge. I’ve started adding frozen fruit to bulk it out. It’s delicious.

  225. Lia Azhari

    Taste really good and keeps me full for hours ?

  226. Rebecca M

    I am loving my breakfast shake and the recipes you sent me. They are fantastic. I really struggle to eat breakfast, but with your shakes they taste so great and keep me filled until lunch time . I can’t wait to try the strawberry flavour. I will definitely be ordering again .

  227. Nikki Lambshead

    This is my favourite! Really tasty and keeps me full for hours!!?

  228. R Fairfield

    Fab product love the flavour! Will be purchasing again

  229. E Whitehead

    Amazing! I use the vanilla with almond milk and it tastes great. I mix this up with the porridge and have noticed my tummy getting flatter and I’m not hungry again until lunch.

  230. Louise Jones

    This is such a lovely breakfast shake!! Signed up for 3month suppy and already ordered another pack of the vanilla flavour too! I use almond milk and it tastes amazing! Im so fussy with shakes and have tried lots of other well know brands but this is my favourite now!! Packaging is lovely too! Very happy!

  231. Melanie F

    I was really surprised how nice it tastes. I love it in the mornings. It is so handy for me as I am on the go in the mornings with my 3 small children and I don’t have time for breakfast when getting them ready for school and myself ready for work so this is the best thing for me to take to work with me. Quick, easy and tastes so nice. Thank you. I will now be buying more of your products

  232. Sally Peck

    This shake is amazing!! I’ve had with semi skimmed milk & almond milk, both are really tasty. Had it before my cardio & weights session this morning and it was perfect fuel for those days you just don’t fancy eating breakfast.

  233. Sian

    Absolutley love the strawberry super smooth breakfast shake! Tastes delicious and really fills me up when I don’t have time for breakfast on the way to work! Definitely purchasing again!

  234. Shelly Harby

    Loving the strawberry flavour ❤️ Was a bit sceptical at first that this would fill me up and give me enough energy for my day, but it does! I don’t feel hungry or tired, and it’s so convenient. Will definitely be keeping the subscription going ?

  235. Jaskeert Vehniwal

    This is amazing

  236. Rebecca Chambers

    Just had my delivery of the breakfast shake both strawberry and chocolate! They taste amazing and are perfect for my busy mornings with my 4 month old baby! Can’t wait to order some more ??

  237. Chloe Booth

    I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! I rarely eat breakfast and this has helped me to get into the routine because its so quick and easy and gives me loads of energy for the day!! My body has taken really well to the product and I enjoy drinking the shakes!!!

  238. heathertaggart

    Amazing. Thank you. Can’t wait to try the rest of the range on offer !


    Apprehensive in trying this nutribuddy breakfast strawberry shake as i have tried many shakes before but this is very tasty and filling.

  240. saller


  241. Julie

    I am finding these shakes great. As a Mum with a toddler and a new baby I was struggling to find time for breakfast but these shakes are so quick they are ideal. It helps they are yummy and help me start the day eating well too!

  242. ginny

    This shake is really yummy and quick to make, however, if you don’t shake it up enough, it is really lumpy. Well worth the money, and came quickly.

  243. katy flynn

    Love this! So filling and tasty 🙂

  244. Oleta

    I am 2 weeks in and really enjoying the vanilla breakfast shake lost 4lb in my first week! I am going to be ordering my next one soon.

  245. Kirsty

    It is a week now of using it. And I love it. I am a mum of 2 working part time and I just don’t have the time to eat in the mornings I also go to the gym. The shake is very nice and fills my up till lunch time. I can’t wait to try new flavours. I find there is no lumps and shakes up really well. I also make my shake the night before as I work night shifts and o then have it ready for the mornings and still shakes up well. I am very happy with it so fair ?

  246. Sophie Brierley

    Obsessed with the strawberry breakfast shakes, really easy to do in the morning when i’m rushing and fills me up. I love the taste and they mean i am fuelled for the day. LOVE THEM.

  247. laura bowsher

    Strawberry one is delicious!! I mix it with a banana just to thicken it slightly! Keeps my hunger needs at bay from 8am-2pm!!

  248. Shane

    Really impressed with the strawberry breakfast shake. Love the taste and feel a lot better for it, It’s perfect for me on the go, I Would definitely recommend It. The good thing is you’ve got all natural ingredients as a lot of products you don’t really know what your taking!

  249. Lucy

    in all honesty I have never enjoyed drinking any form of shake > step aside > Nutribuddy Breakfast Shake in ALL flavours is delicious. More importantly it stops the hunger pangs – stops the grazing- and in my first two weeks I lost almost half a stone. Choc is gorgeous and Strawberry is like drinking strawberry cheesecake. Communication is top notch and I have recommended several friends to Nutribuddy!

  250. Maxine

    Brilliant I only started using the breakfast shake yesterday it’s delicious i feel full and it’ doesn’t make you feel thirsty other drinks can .I will defiantly be ordering more once I’ve used this jar x

  251. oleta

    Amazing product! I have had the vanilla one for the last 2 weeks, it’s so tasty and really filling. I have been having one shake a day with one meal. As it fills me up for so long. Ready to place my next order and going to try the strawberry one as I heard amazing things!

  252. Alice

    Absolutely love it! Currently using the strawberry flavour but will be trying the different flavours after that!

  253. victoria

    Been using for over a week now and love it! The chocolate flavour is really nice esp when made with Almond Milk. I find i’m Snacking less as this keeps me full until lunch time. Would totally recommend

  254. C Lons

    I have been using the strawberry Nutribuddy breakfast for the past 7 days and it is great so far! It’s great for me as I never have a lot of time to eat my breakfast in a morning so this is a good product as I can just make it, shake it and take it to work with me to drink there! It saves me a a good 15 minutes or so in a morning. Also, it tastes amazing! I have tried a few things quite like this but this is the best one as it is all natural, keeps me full and also makes me feel much better about myself as this doesn’t bloat me out. If you’re anything like me – likes to save time in a morning and likes to feel healthy about what I am putting into my body – then you should deifnitely purchase this Nutribuddy breakfast!
    I will be trying some other products shortly.

  255. Lucy M

    Love the products. I’ve now tried chocolate & strawberry and both are amazing. Strawberry tastes like cheesecake and the chocolate is delicious. I never usually stick at these things but they are really tasty BUT keep hunger at bay – so I have stopped snacking through the day.

  256. taz6590

    In love with the strawberry breakfast shake. Will continue to order as it’s so quick and easy for my early morning starts.

  257. Stefan

    Recently ordered the Breakfast Shake, suprised how filling it is, the chocolate Brownie flavour is amazing, its so tasty.

    Its great to get to the bottom of the glass and see a tea spoon amount of oats and seeds to show theres no manufactured chemicals in this product. I blend mine with semi skimmed milk but will be trying almond milk next.

    Ordering the hot slim next to accompany the breakfast shake.

    Highly recommend giving this product a go, been using it for 4 days and feel much better for it

  258. Tegan Harper

    I love my strawberry breakfast shake, will definitely be ordering again!

  259. Laura

    YUMMY!! I have never tried a shake product before, usually just make my own smoothies. Thought I would give this a try and it definately keeps me full until lunchtime, I am on day 4 of my first bag and so far I am enjoying it. I got the strawberry flavour this time. I mix it my blender with a banana just to thicken it up a bit and the strawberry flavour is still there. I will definitely be considering buying more.

  260. emmad_89

    I bought the strawberry flavored I put it in the blender and it’s more smooth and keeps me full for a long time! Can’t wait to try the other flavors and the sculpture mixture!!

  261. lisa

    Great tasting shakes, love the strawberry breakfast flavour and the chocolate protein shake!! Love the pink shaker too!!

  262. louisefyfe

    I love how quick & easy this is to make in the mornings. The strawberry flavour tastes amazing!! I’ll definetly be buying again & again 🙂

  263. Calli

    This is great fills me up until dinner time- I’m usually snacking all all morning!

  264. adele.greenyer

    So happy to find a yummy product that doesn’t upset my tummy! Going to order some of the protein now ? x

  265. Jackie

    This product is delicious! Very easy and perfect for when on the go! Highly recommend!

  266. Ali

    I contacted Nutribuddy a few months ago to ask if they were considering bringing out a berry flavour breakfast drink, but sadly at that time they had no plans for it.

    It was a massive hooray moment when they announced the New Strawberry flavour launch which I immediately purchased and soooo glad you did as it tastes amazing, I love it and think I may be slight addicted.

    I’ve been recommending Nutribuddy to all my friends and getting them to try it as trust me I’ve tried many alternative products and most contain a lot of rubbish and just taste awful. But thanks to Nutribuddy for bringing out the red as I will be placing my re-order shorty.

    If nothing else, just try it, trust me you won’t regret it and their customer service is amazing.

  267. courteneyd

    This product is so simple and easy to use of a morning especially where I don’t have time to eat breakfast and also considering I don’t drink milk it helps me to introduce dairy into my diet

  268. Chloe

    Just placed my first order! Can’t wait to start using the product

  269. Aimee

    Tastes really good normally have with semi skimmed milk but I’m going to try with hazelnut milk soon (I have chocolate brownie flavour) leave me feeling full till lunch time so no more mid morning snacking after skipping breakfast. Win win

  270. Hargreaves

    This shake is absolutely wonderful, definitely quick and easy for those who don’t have time in the morning. I’m always rushing around first thing so this makes my life a lot easier! Keeps me fuller for longer which is always beneficial in my job!

  271. leanne

    I was a bit sceptical at first but I love these shakes! They’re so easy to make and Take on the school run! I ordered the strawberry flavour for my first try and it’s delicious! It fills me up and stops me snacking before lunch. I’ve just placed my second order. Highly recommend

  272. aimee.hearn

    For someone who leaves the house at half 6 every morning, I really don’t have time for breakfast! With these, I’ve had them every day now for the past week I can’t get enough of them. I’m loving them? ordering the 28 days next x

  273. Megan

    Nutribuddy shakes work for me as someone who is up and out the door early in the mornings. I am also a uni student and taking these to my 9am lectures definitely makes me feel better about the day! 4 instead of 5 stars as the vanilla taste is not as strong as I would’ve hoped but still yummy especially if I mix in other things such as fruit or coco for extra yumminess! Very good customer service so far and quick delivery. I will be going back for another order soon!

  274. hatty

    This product is amazing! I’ve been using it for just a few days but i’m already in love!! It fills me up until lunch and stops my sugar cravings for the whole day.
    I would definitely recommend!

  275. holly

    Just got my nutribuddy breakfast shake delivered and i’m pleasantly surprised, i mixed mine with unsweetened almond milk and it tastes great!! Excited to try other products!

  276. natalie

    I bought the chocolate brownie flavour and wow I am speechless. This has been the best that I have ever tried and it so tasty I don’t have the craving for chocolates anymore. Thank you for an amazing product. I LOVE Nutribuddy 🙂 xx

  277. Jayne

    Is it a low fat milk used?

    Is it safe while breastfeeding ? ?


  278. mariecable30

    Just received the breakfast shake and it taste really good not like the other shakes do the delivery was really fast as well I’ve ordered the sculpting shake and I can’t wait to try it and there gluten free ?

  279. Shona

    Can you use nutribuddy whilst breastfeeding?

  280. jessicalouiserendell

    been on this for 1 week, and its amazing, been eating healthy with it too but it really does help of a morning when your rushing around and you need to have breakfast. I ordered the cookie dough flavour and it tastes delicious, think ill be ordering the strawberry flavour next as a friend has recommended and have said that it tastes delicious. I am so made up that while I have been on this breakfast shake and eating clean and healthy I have lost 4lb for the first week which I am very proud of.

    this product is amazing and I would recommend this to anyone

  281. Jenny

    Just tried my first strawberry breakfast shake. ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!! Although I have just had this for dinner, I can’t wait for breakfast! Love it.

  282. Zoe

    Started on friday, tastes good and keeping me full till dinner. Excited to see the results.

  283. natalie

    does this help with weightloss x

  284. clairekelly201

    Just ordered this breakfast shake – so excited to try it. So happy it’s Gluten Free too ??? Dying to get my cute shaker also.

  285. lucy.brumby

    Fab product, keeps me going all morning!

  286. emilydixon

    I’ve recently received my first Nutribuddy breakfast in Vanilla and I love the taste! It’s sweet and so useful because I don’t have to worry about any lactose!

    Plus it’s gluten free and vegan – amazing!!!!!!!

    Would recommend it for anybody who doesn’t have time for breakfast. An easy and tasty way to get your nutrients ?
    Can’t wait to try the other flavours and products!

  287. Hayley

    Have started using my new breakfast shake in the chocolate brownie flavour and love it! Will be subscribing going forward!

    Really tempted to purchase the Hot Slim! 😉

  288. Sandy

    Started using Nutribuddy a few days ago and it’s great also so easy with a busy morning schedule. I have loved having it x

  289. danila fachada

    I am a professional classical ballerina that no longer dances full time however I am still very active and go to the gym everyday. For the past year I got into the habit of skipping breakfast and then I discovered Nutribuddy breakfast through Instagram. I absolutely love it. Perfect for my busy mornings on the go. The fact that its vegan is just another benefit as I have been doing veganuary and didn’t have to worry about having to stop taking it for a month.

  290. Jelena

    Absolutely love this I have the vanilla one and so filling and so convenient as I find don’t have time for breakfast this lasts till lunchtime can’t wait to try other flavours highly recommend x

  291. jbrown

    Extremely pleased with this product – keeps me full all morning and tastes extremely good! I would recommend it to everyone! I purchased the chocolate brownie flavour first which i am nearly finished but i have also purchased the vanilla which i cannot wait to try !!

  292. Clair

    Started my brownie shake today . I love it . Very filling and lovely tasting. I’ve ordered strawberry for next time. Can’t wait to see results in about a months time x .

  293. Victoria

    I started using the pack 4 days ago. Im taking progress pictures and I can already see a difference. Once I’ve had it for a week or two, I’ll write a review along with my pictures. Thanks so much, absolutely love it, taste so good.
    Two of my friends have tried mine since I’ve been using it and have ordered it too. Cant wait to try the new strawberry and try the chocolate, my friend ordered the chocolate and said it was really good too!

  294. Siobhan

    Just tried it today and OH MY GOD. I love it!! I’m a fan for life! Cannot wait to try the other flavours!

  295. daryljane93

    i got my nurtibuddy breakfast shakes this morning and i had my first one toady and wow it surprised me with how filling it really is!! it actually does do what it says on the tin! i honestly can’t wait to order more I’m going for the strawberry one next!!

  296. gailey.w

    Love love love it! Great taste, keeps me full and amazing with hazelnut milk. Ordered the unsweetened one first and I’m now waiting on the chocolate brownie one! 100% would recommend!

  297. Melissa

    I’ve used it for about 10 days now and have literally just put in an order for another 14 day supply. I absolutely love it! I have it with almond or coconut milk and it tastes amazing.

    It also helps me organise what I eat throughout the week (I always struggled with this and just ate when I was hungry and not always anything healthy, so the fact is has helped me with this is quite important to me) and helps me not to eat out of boredom etc and I feel a lot healthier for it.

  298. Carla

    I have had the breakfast shake now for the last three days and I am really impressed at how delicious and filling that it is! Normally I am hungry by 10.30am each morning and yet with this shake I can keep going till lunch time with no hunger pangs – I am amazed! Have recommended that my friend buy it too. Cant wait to try your other products.

    Also am now on day 5 and have lost 2.5lbs! Well chuffed ?

  299. louisefyfe

    As a busy new mum this is exactly what I needed! The chocolate brownie flavour tastes great and keeps me full until lunch. I will be buying this again and will try the new strawberry flavour!

  300. aj207

    I Never have time for breakfast as Im always so busy but I’m super excited to try this 🙂

  301. jenniferwalgate

    This product tastes fabulous! I mix it with warm almond milk and it’s delicious!

  302. bethany_gill

    Never have time for breakfast as I leave for work so early but looking forward to trying this so I can have it on the go!

  303. Bianca

    Loving the products 🙂

  304. malikamodi

    I’ve only been using this less than a week and I’ve already lost two pounds. The choc brownie tastes amazing. I can’t wait to order some more!

  305. shireenalibhai

    With 3 kids and work I’ve never had time for breakfast
    this shake is ideal im on day 5 and so far so good
    fills me up..(Vanilla is really nice)

  306. Becky

    Hey! I never used to eat breakfast but since I’ve had this I’ve used it everyday and had more energy and felt less hungry during the day! Really good – will be reordering! Thanks! Becky

  307. Penny

    I have the vanilla flavour, it is really tasty and helps me start my day feeling healthy. It is also really quick to make and very filling. Highly recommended 🙂

  308. caza0702

    Love the breakfast shake so easy for breakfast on the go and delicious! i have the vanilla one with skimmed milk. Hot slim is also great and really fills you up! These products along with healthy eating have helped me lose weight easily without feeling hungry! customer service has been excellent and the products speak for themselves. Give it a go you wont be disappointed!

  309. bhavinee.mistry

    I am terrible at making time for breakfast, but this shake makes it so easy and actually tastes great! I have the vanilla flavour and will be ordering chocolate next time!

  310. mamphs

    I ordered the Vanilla Breakfast shake, not only is it delicious it really does keep me full until lunchtime which for me is a miracle! Easy and quick to make, I blend mine with frozen mango, definitely recommend. Roll on those pounds dropping away.

  311. zoetimmins

    I’ve heard great things about this and I can’t wait for my delivery. As a mom to 3 young kids I have no time for breakfast so this will be easy for on the go!!

  312. sophierowell

    Read such good things about this product, cannot wait for my order to be delivered! Signed up to the 3 month supply so I get to try Vanilla and Chocolate – both sound delicious!

  313. amanda.atwell

    Just ordered mined can’t wait.As a busy mum of 3 never get time for a decent breakfast.Looking forward to a rewarding 2018 xx???

  314. joanna.wills69

    Ordered this Thursday after seeing positive reviews, can’t wait to try it out!

  315. sharon.sm89

    Just stared on the vanilla breakfast shake and it’s delicious would highly recommend

  316. melissabaker96

    I got the chocolate flavour and it tastes amazing! Filled me up right until my tea later on! Looking forward to seeing results after a few weeks

  317. karaduffy

    Just ordered this after seeing positive reviews, can’t wait to try it out!

  318. shireenalibhai

    I’ve just ordered this read the reviews I’m so excited can’t wait to receive my order I shall let you know how I get on…..

  319. kellymccann1996

    Amazing product, only received today but it tastes great and kept me full all morning! Cant wait to see the results

  320. habibahjavid7


  321. Helen

    Love Nutribuddy breakfast!
    With a baby and working part time in a gym, tying to get my breakfast in so I’ve got energy for the day is hard. Not to fussed on villlina but love the chocolate brownie flavour. First ever shake I’ve found that actually keeps you full!

  322. Em

    I have absolutely fallen in love with these shakes.
    They were all I could eat for a week when suffering with a throat infection, and I’ve stuck with them since. So quick and easy in the mornings, it’s been easy to add to my usual routine!

  323. kezzaisme

    Chocolate brownie taste amazing I personally prefer it with skimmed milk and with banana added to it. The packaging is great and love the pink shaker bottle

  324. kiran

    This is the second time now that I’ve ordered the breakfast shake and this time I had the chocolate brownie flavour – it’s just as delicious as the vanilla flavour. Love the glass jar too!!

  325. eliseahardy94

    I love this breakfast shake. I have the chocolate brownie flavour and it’s perfect, its not too sweet for the morning. I mix it with either coconut milk or almond milk. I’m surprised by how much it keeps me full up, I’m not even reaching for snacks before lunch 🙂

  326. Emma

    I ordered NutriBuddy a few weeks ago now, and I’m loving it.
    I bought the Breakfast blend in Chocolate flavour. At first i wasn’t 100% on the flavour, but as a drink for everyday, its much better than other brands as it doesn’t get sickly.
    Perfect snack substitute.

  327. Cherry

    I have been using the Nutribuddy breakfast shake (cholcolate) along with the weight loss package and will be doing the 14 day plan to kick start my weight loss. The shakes taste great and I feel full 🙂 very impressed with my results so far. I will be re-ordering.

  328. emmadixon666

    Only just started using this, so can’t say about the weight benefits.
    I ordered this shake as a substitute for afternoon snacks…trying to replace the chocolate bars and crisps.
    Ive got the chocolate flavour and its pretty nice, every now and them ill get a hint of coconut which is lovely.
    I have my shake about 1ish, im hungry again by 4, but i’m always hungry!
    So far so good… im glad I ordered a 4-month subscription!

  329. Emma

    Interested in all of the products especially the breakfast but just wondering do all your products help tone and lose weight?!

    • Nutribuddy Support

      Hi Emma,

      Yes, all our products can help with weight loss. Our shakes, including Nutribuddy Breakfast are low in calories but very filling so can help you to have a low-calorie yet nutritious meal. Having low-calorie meals helps with weight loss. Because it’s filling, it should also reduce any snacking.

      I hope this helps to answer your question.


      Nutribuddy Support

  330. begumulker0

    received my Nurtibuddy breakfast jar today, super speedy delivery.
    very easy foolproof breakfast shake. just do what it says on the jar and shake! haha. i have the chocolate brownie flavour and i mixed it with Hazelnut milk and wow was i surprised. after reading reviews about how lovely it smelt, the first thing i did was open the jar and smell it, however, it just smelt of oats. after i tasted it, i was pleasantly shocked. this shake tastes absolutely amazing, it is sweet and feels like you are having something naughty but you don’t have to feel guilty because you know all the ingredients are natural. i am also happy that the entire content does not disolve and become liquid when mixed with the milk. there are still tiny bits when your drinking and i personally love that. very happy with my purchase! will definitely be trying the vanilla next too and experimenting with adding fruits and greens etc. also keeps me full till lunch!

  331. Claire

    I have not yet ordered this, however, I am looking for a substitute to the another companies shakes I have recently been using as I can no longer afford them, they are very expensive!! As I am currently on maternity leave I am looking for something more affordable but something to help me shift the baby weight.

  332. Michael

    Just want to say that this product I purchased was brilliant and so worthwhile, highly recommended!

  333. Bethany

    Hi, would I be able to mix this with water? X

    • Nutribuddy Support

      Hi Bethany,

      You can mix it with water although it tastes better with milk or a vegan milk substitute 🙂


      Nutribuddy Support

  334. serma.evita1

    Tried this from my friend amd it tasted amazing, just went and ordered one to myself,excited to try 2 week challenge and see what difference it will make to my body.

  335. Sian

    Super quick delivery and product smells amazing! But I can’t use it as they forgot to send me my bottle!!!

    • Nutribuddy Support

      Hi Sian

      Glad to hear your order arrived quickly. Sorry about the missing shaker. I just checked and I did update your order to give you a pink shaker. However, looks like our speedy packing team had already printed your order for packing before I did this, hence the missing shaker!

      Sorry about the mix-up, we’ll get this sent out 1st class tomorrow!


      Nutribuddy Support

  336. Louise

    Love it! Have the vanilla one and it tastes so nice 🙂
    This honestly fills me up until lunchtime (and I have late lunches sometimes) You probably won’t think it will when you’ve shaken it up though but trust me it does! And I’m usually always hungry haha.
    Usually take it before the gym in the morning and it gets me through my workouts. Would definitely recommend!

    I did have a problem where my first jar broke when being delivered but the support were super helpful and got a replacement the next day after I sent them pics 🙂

  337. julie.rodger

    Amazing product! Highly recommend!!!

  338. Lindsay

    Received it yesterday and absolutely love it. It tastes amazing with milk. Will be ordering more when this runs out.

  339. kiran

    I wasn’t too keen on the taste when i first had it but it has grown on me and it’s rather yummy.

    It’s super quick to make as I don’t have time to have breakfast in the week and it keeps me full till lunch time.

    Will definitely be mixing it up with some fruit.

  340. Kirsty

    so I ordered this from Australia, spent £10 for the delivery, was super excited after it arrived after waiting 10 days for it to be delivered to then open it and find it smashed all in the box was very dispaointing! I don’t think there was enough care gone into the packaging to try and prevent this from happening. Obviously it was being shipped to Oz, you would think abit of extra care would have gone into it so stop this from happening. But anyway, it can’t be used as the powder was all in the box mixed with shattered glass so waiting for a reply from the support group but I am disappointed overal. The smell of it smelt lovely so I’m sure it would taste lovely but obviously I can’t comment on that!

    • Nutribuddy Support

      Hi Kirsty,

      I’m so sorry to hear about this! I have sent you an email so that we can resolve this for you.


      Nutribuddy Support ?

  341. lily.patridge16

    Highly recommend as it is super quick and easy to make! 🙂

  342. Kelly

    Started using it and I’m really enjoying it. Thank you

  343. genevatayne

    Really looking forward to trying out this product. I have read and heard so many good things! I have bought both flavours for the shake and am so pleased to see it is vegetarian/vegan and cannot wait to start using it. Another review to come once I have tried! very excited!

  344. Hilary

    I love this shake for a quick breakfast as I’m rushing out for work in the morning. If i’ve got more time i’ll whizz up a smoothie with almond milk, banana and avocado. Keeps me full until lunch time and tastes amazing. 🙂

  345. Amy

    Had my first nutribuddy shake this morning. It was absolutely delicious with ice cold rice milk on this boiling hot day. Thank you.

  346. Sally

    Such an amazing product! It’s super tasty as a shake and even better in a bowl with berries ? It has bits in it once shaken, which makes it feel more filling and keeps me going all morning.

  347. Roxie

    Lovely, it’s tasty and it’s working well with my lifestyle. Thank you.

  348. Fay

    Just started my the breakfast shakes, looking forward to it, as I don’t have time for breakfast and I know how important it is.

  349. Chanelle

    Started using them and I’m completely in love! Will defo be ordering some more very soon!!

  350. Charlotte

    I don’t usually eat breakfast, so this is a really quick way to start the day right. I literally put 3 scoops and cashew milk together and do the rest as I am walking out the door.

    Tastes lovely too!

  351. Sasha

    I have just had couple so far. It smells amazing , and it’s really yummy. Defo glad that I gave this a try. I use mine with almond milk and add some fruit to it.

    Really quick to make. Takes me about 8 secs to do. Will defo be ordering more once near the end. The different prices are really good too.

    Will be in touch to order some more products.

  352. Naomi

    Received my vanilla breakfast shake mix this morning and I love it!
    The glass jar is so handy and it’s super yummy!
    Was a bit worried it may have a horrible after taste but as it’s got nothing but healthy and natural ingredients it tastes great!
    Perfect for me as a mum of a hyper 1 year old, I don’t always get the time to make myself breakfast!
    Cannot wait to try the chocolate brownie flavour ?

  353. Katy

    I’m coeliac and started to use the vanilla breakfast jar and it’s been great so far. I’m never a breakfast person so this is so quick and easy to make in the morning/night before so I can run out the door. Tastes great with bananas and strawberries blended with almond milk. Having it as my breakfast every morning around 8.30 and I’m full until around 1/1.30!

  354. Martina

    Hi There,
    I’ve just purchased the Breakfast Jar of Nutribuddy…
    Haven’t tasted it yet but can’t wait for it to come.
    I saw a little video that Danielle Loyd did on Insta I think and thought I’d try it as she’s pregnant.
    I love everything Vanilla tasting so I’m really looking forward to this.
    Can I just say well done to your marketing team for a really lovely website. It’s really informative and easy to get around. Looking forward to receiving my purchase!x

  355. Georgina

    I’m lactose intolerant and have struggled in the past to find something without lactose in.

    I’m on my second order of nutribuddy and I love it. Makes my mornings so much easier!

  356. Sarah

    Seen this product all over Instagram. I always skip breakfast and end up grabbing some fast food on my way to work so this is a quick breakfast that tastes great!

  357. Hannah

    I tried my unflavoured breakfast shake for the first time a few days ago. It’s delicious 🙂 I also tried blending it with blueberries and strawberries which was yummy. I’m not normally a breakfast person but now I look forward to my shake. It’s so quick and convenient, tastes great and really fills you up. I would definitely recommend!

  358. Lisa

    Ordered the chocolate brownie one and had it with almond milk, tasted delicious. Stopped me from snacking throughout the morning. Will definitely be ordering again!

  359. Charlotte

    So tasty! I drink it whilst walking the kids up to school! Quick and easy to do especially when I don’t have much time in the morning to feed myself normally and it fills me up nicely!

  360. Sarah S

    I have managed to loose 4lb in my first week by just replacing my lunch and breakfast with the nutribuddy shakes! So impressed at how well it has worked because i have just been eating my normal evening meal (and a couple of naughty things) and have still managed to loose so much!

    Will definitely continue using the product and recommending it to everyone!

  361. Joanne

    Absolutely love the taste of this shake! Actually takes better than some chocolate milkshakes out there. I’ve been using in place of a meal at Breakfast time and it’s been great. The flaxseeds help with digestion and it is really energising!

  362. Natasha

    Just tried the chocolate shake after enjoying the vanilla shake for two weeks, omg the chocolate one is even better. It is so nice, looking forward to having it again tomorrow morning!

  363. Tilly

    I received mine the other day and i went for the chocolate brownie flavour, and it is one of the nicest things I’ve tried. I don’t normally eat breakfast because I’m in such a rush in the morning but this is so easy to prepare. I find that I’m not snacking in the morning and this keeps me full up until lunch. Will definitely be repurchasing!

  364. Gina

    Started using my nutribuddy breakfast shake and I LOVE it! 5 stars from me.

  365. L A H

    Started with the breakfast LOVE IT

  366. Nicole

    Love the nutribuddy breakfast shake, really helps get rid of my cravings for snacks. It also give me energy through the day. Might try the vanilla flavour next :).

  367. Charlotte

    Trying this for the first time as a way of getting in a healthy breakfast to aid my weight loss journey! I love it, so filling and tasty ?

  368. Elizabeth

    Soooosooooo amazing!! And I don’t like anything. It tastes even better if you put some more seeds and coconut in it 🙂 will defo be ordering again soon!

  369. Molly

    Have had the breakfast shake for the last couple of mornings – once with almond milk and then with oat milk – both delicious! Really like the flavour of the vanilla shake, looking forward to trying the chocolate one too. Shaker bottle is super cool too. Only complaint would be the lack of measurements on the bottle – definitely would help for adding the right amount of milk when in a rush in the morning. Otherwise 10/10 🙂

    • Nutribuddy Support

      Hi Molly,

      Thanks for your feedback! To measure the right amount of liquid (300ml), just fill the liquid up to the ‘T’ on the side of the shaker. We will include this handy measuring tip on the product’s instructions in future, as we understand this would be really helpful.


      Nutribuddy Support 🙂

  370. Natasha

    I recieved my first order this morning, and after having my first shake I can say that I am glad I placed a 3 shipment order and I am looking forward to my next 6 weeks worth of breakfast shakes. I will admit, when I looked at the shake powder in the jar I didn’t think it looked like the most appealing thing to have for breakfast, but it tastes really good and I am surprised at how full I feel. I ordered the vanilla flavour this time, I will definitely order more after 6 weeks and I am looking forward to also trying the chocolate flavour.

    • Nutribuddy Support

      Hi Natasha,

      Thanks for you feedback. It’s fantastic to hear you’re enjoying the product and that it’s keeping you feeling full 🙂

      The product is made of ground oats and seeds so has a naturally pale appearance (unless you get the chocolate flavour which is naturally brown from the cocoa powder). A lot of companies will add artificial colourings but we like to keep things pure and natural, so it just has it’s natural colour.

      Although arguably it looks more appetising when its ground more coarsely (so you can see the seeds more clearly), we made the decision to grind it finely as this ensures the best results when mixing with milk or a milk substitute in you Nutribuddy shake bottle.

      Thanks again for your feedback, it helps us to keep improving.

      Kind regards,

      Nutribuddy Support

  371. Rebecca

    Absolutely love the Breakfast Shake. So quick and easy also tastes great. Never have a reason to miss breakfast anymore. Perfect with the drink bottle to fill up and run out the door. Keeps me full until lunch time. Will be ordering again and again

  372. Jo

    Tried it for the breakfast for first time this morning. I loved it.

  373. Sarah E

    Started using it everyday for breakfast, tastes fantastic, I add ice to the blender to thicken it up!

  374. Sarah

    Breakfast choc brownie tastes fantastic, to me it tastes like choc ready brek!!. I mix mine with alpro soya hazelnut milk as i have a milk allergy!.
    Its filling and helping me loose weight VERY happy!! Now to try Vanilla??

  375. Hannah

    The breakfast shakes are great! I started mine this week and I now have everyone in my office wanting to order as it is delicious! I have mine with Almond Milk and it tastes amazing, it keeps me full until lunchtime!! I am going to give the weight loss package a go next!

    I suffer with IBS and this shake helps me out so much!! Makes me feel great.

    It helps a lot with bloating. Breakfast was the worst meal for me, I couldn’t have cereal or bread so I tended to skip breakfast! This is a great alternative!

  376. KB

    Similar to others that have commented, I also did not receive a scoop with my order. The jar is great and now I know about the measurements it will be much easier. Looking forward to trying other flavours.

    • Nutribuddy Support

      Hi KB,

      Thanks for your feedback. It appears most customers missing a scoop ordered on the same few days when we were crazily busy with a very high level of orders.

      Big apologies, we’ve now made changes to minimise the chances that scoops are forgotten.

      I notice you’ve placed a second order for Nutribuddy Breakfast. This will be shipped out today, so we’ll include an extra scoop in that order and give you a free upgrade to first class postage, as an apology for the missing scoop in your first order.

      Thanks again for your feedback, it helps us keep improving.

      Kind regards,

      Nutribuddy Support

  377. Nicole t

    Doing really good thanks! It’s quick and easy an tastes great as well.

  378. Zane

    Having with yoghurt and fruit in a bowl and it tastes amazing!

  379. Georgia

    5* product love love love it!!! I saw it used by so many people on Instagram and it seemed to work for them so I gave it a go. It works and not only that it tastes amazing! I feel better in myself slimmer and more awake. I’m going to buy there other products now to try. THANKYOU 🙂

  380. Hannah K

    I’ve started to use Nutribuddy and it’s been great so far. Having it as my breakfast every morning. It tastes great and so quick and easy to make. I’m having mine with unsweetened almond milk, it tastes ?.

  381. Maggie D

    I’ve but using this for 3 days now. It’s sooo easy to use and really quick which is great for me as I normally skip breakfast. It tastes so good too.

  382. Bethan

    Love this product! Like everyone says, it really does fill you up in the morning and tastes amazing! However I’m sorry to say I didn’t receive a scoop either, would it be possible to get one delivered?

    • Nutribuddy Support

      Hi Bethan!

      Really happy to hear you’re enjoying the product. Oh, no – I’m so sorry about the scoop. Of course, we will get one sent out to you right away – no, we will send 2 as an apology 🙂

  383. Evie

    Really wanted to use this product today after hearing the great reviews. But again, no scoop was included, this seems to happen a fair bit. Such a shame! Please can you send me one!?

    • Nutribuddy Support

      Hi Evie

      Thanks for your feedback.

      Sorry we forgot your scoop! Our packing team have been extra busy with orders and they’ve been working long hours to try and get them all out on time, so I think this is why it was forgotten.

      We know its annoying when you’re missing part of your order, so we’re going to make some changes to minimise the chances of this happening again.

      We’re only human so mistakes do happen from time to time. However, we’ve not had many reports of missing scoops, so I don’t believe it’s too common.

      I’ve shipped you two scoops by 1st class post today as an apology 🙂

      Sorry again for the mixup and we look forward to hearing what you think of your Nutribuddy Breakfast.

      Kind regards,

      Nutribuddy Support

  384. Emily

    Heard great things about this product. Tastes amazing and just feels so good for you. Also fills you up for the morning, meaning there is no need to snack between breakfast and lunch. Perfect! I will definitely be looking at their other products.

  385. Elva S

    I tried it for the first time this morning and really enjoyed it yum..will be ordering more when I run out.

  386. Stevie J

    This was totally unexpected but a lovely surprise!

    Thank you for sending out the scoop and explaining the measurement system, that’s really helpful 🙂

    So yummy!

    Can’t wait to finish this jar so I can start a monthly subscription

  387. Stevie J

    So yummy!!!

    My only fault with this is the jar doesn’t come with a scoop and the bottle doesn’t have measurements 🙁
    But apart from that, this is the best breakfast shake I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a lot!)

    • Nutribuddy Support

      Hi Stevie J,

      Thanks for your feedback. We’ve put a lot of effort into developing the Breakfast shake, so it’s wonderful to hear how much you like it.

      It does normally come with a Nutribuddy branded white scoop, so our team must have forgotten to include the scoop in your order by mistake. We’ll send you the missing scoop today 🙂

      We normally use the NUTRIBUDDY letters printed on the bottle for measuring the correct amount of liquid. If you fill the bottle up to the “T” letter, that gives you the correct amount.

      Based on your feedback we’ll include this guidance on future product labels.

      Kind regards,

      Nutribuddy Support

  388. Sophia M

    Received my order yesterday (speedy delivery!). I had my first shake with soya milk and it tasted delicious and healthy. Today I had it with semi-skimmed milk and it also tasted great. I find it very filling as well. It keeps me going for the morning. I recommend it to you all.

  389. Lucy

    Perfect breakfast for weekdays when time is tight. Tastes delicious and really high quality ?. Love the glass jar too!

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